Low Carb Shrimp Taco

Tacos are a huge staple in my house. I’m telling you my family will turn anything into a taco. From chicken, eggs, Asada, to beans, you name it we would make it a taco. Give me an ingredient I will create the most delicious taco. 

One of the main reasons tacos are always on our family menu is because they're easy and fast to prepare. Tell me who doesn’t love a quick delicious meal that’s satisfying to the entire family? I definitely do. I love quick meals so much I wanted to share this low-carb taco recipe with you. 

Here’s everything you will need:

 ½ Cup of chopped onion

1 Chopped bell pepper

1lbs. Peeled clean shrimp

1 dash of salt for taste

½ tsp of ground pepper

1 can of Salsa Verde (7oz.)

1 head Butter Lettuce

Saute bell pepper and onions over medium heat. Once slightly tender add shrimp and cook until pink. 

Add salt and pepper for taste. Pour in the can of salsa verde and simmer until heated thoroughly.

Pull and separate leaves from the head of lettuce. Layer 2 to 3 leaves together, add shrimp, toppings of your choice, and enjoy.




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